Intelli Heat Electric Central Heating, NEEDO, Cali Sense Designer Electric Radiators

Intelli Heat electric radiators Installed by Mr Electric Kent.

Mr Electric is your local contractor for the supply and installation of the most advanced electric central heating systems in Europe.


Intelli heat electric radiators
Quality guaranteed by the market leader.

When buying an electric radiator, it is of fundamental importance to verify the quality of its electronics. Efficient temperature adjustment ensures maximum comfort and energy efficiency, thereby reducing electricity bills whilst also providing users with a healthy, comfortable and accurate heat load specifically when they need it, and where they need it.

Accurate temperature adjustment capacity is absolutely essential to manage the system running costs. Indeed the research of the carbon trust has clearly shown that the most effective way to reduce energy waste and the relevant unnecessary consumption, is to ensure exact settings are applied to each area of your home, hence the importance of our high-quality thermostats and programmers.

The Intelli Heat three different ranges:


Cali Eco Sense Electric Radiators


NEEDO Designer Radiators

NEEDO,esigner Electric Radiators



Livingstone Bespoke Electric Radiators