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What is a Dedicated Circuit?

All electricity that enters your business goes through your circuit breaker box. Within your circuit breaker box you have individual circuits that feed electricity into different parts of your business. Each circuit is protected by a breaker. To protect against electrical hazards certain medium and heavy duty appliances require their own circuit or a "dedicated circuit".

You can have several items plugged into one socket and several sockets that feed into the same circuit. Each item on that circuit adds to the amount of "electrical noise" your computer experiences. Electrical noise consists of fluctuations in electronic current, small surges of power as items are turned on and off and natural cycles of electricity. Electronic noise can cause operational problems for your sensitive electronic equipment and a dedicated circuits increase your computers resistance to damaging surges and fluctuations in power.

What Happens if I Don't Have the Right Dedicated Circuits?

If you don't have the appropriate dedicated circuit, an appliance may draw more current than the circuit can handle. This can cause the wiring to overheat and the insulation around the wire to breakdown or melt. Once the insulating barrier around the wire has melted, the current is no longer confined, and can ignite flammable materials within the wall leading to an electrical fire. Fortunately, circuit breakers sense the flow of excess current and stop the surge of current before damage takes place.

If you are adding new heavy duty computer equipment or you simply need additional sockets, you will need new dedicated circuits.

Don't risk the shutdown of critical appliances, loss of productivity, loss of essential data or worse – an electrical fire. Call Mr. Electric Kent today on 01303 255 994 for the dedicated circuits you need.